Know the places to buy/sell your rs items for more runescape gold sell

Knowing other ways to increase your Runescape gold is not such a bad idea. In fact that’s more the reason to commit other ways of becoming rich. First of all you need to find a good spot with lots of Runescape players to make Runescape gold. You can choose either on the side of the road or at the Grand Exchange. Each of them have special benefits depends on your preference that fits you. The only important thing is you have a clue on what you’re doing.


The difference between the two and how they gain Runescape gold

Grand Exchange is like any other Auction House except without the bidding part. Here you can buy or sell your rs items for Runescape gold. The downside of the Grand Exchange is the limit on how many you can trade at once to prevent price manipulation or pricing abuse in the market. You can also view the markets statistic of a specific item.

Street Trading is a method of buying or selling on the street outside the Grand Exchange. There’s no limit on how much you can trade. Players or traders can talk their Runescape gold price on their items which are known as Street Values. They can freely advertise their items thru the world chat.


Pie that you should be cooking to make runescape gold

Cooking wild pie and make runescape gold from it

The availability of cooking a Wild Pie is when you reach a cooking skill of 38. Wild pie is being used by high level runescape characters in-game. The wild pie is able to restore 850 health points on each bite and a total of 1700 health points for the whole wild pie. While a slice of wild pie gives a temporary increase of player’s range skills by 4 and Slayer by 5 while its being consumed. With the said benefits, this rs items is being in demand in the playerauctions grand exchange with a great runescape gold price.


Building your new character without wasting runescape gold


Before starting spending runescape gold on your newly created character, you need to know character’s path first; PvP… PvE… runescape gold hunters…

Which skills to get first before killing and hunting runescape gold

The first and recommended skills that you should be getting first are Fishing and Cooking as they are very much handy for newly created character. They are good source of runescape gold for your character’s first set of rs items. Aside from really easy to level it up, it may help you on your journey since cooking can enable you to cook food for your character’s HP recovery.

Other Skills that may help you with runescape gold

There are several skills that you may be in need to get, but for starters that doesn’t have any runescape gold savings; hunting type of character should be your next RS skills. Aside from it gives you a good source of runescape gold, it helps you go further to the game.



Basic tips on using playerauctions grand exchange for more runescape gold sell

RS items to buy and sell for better runescape gold sell

There are items that cannot be bought from the NPC vendors; however there is the playerauctions like in-game which is called grand exchange. All the non basic items you’re looking for will be there. However, buying from the grand exchange will cost you more runescape gold. Selling rs items at the GE is more recommended than buying from it.

To know the items to buy and sell in the grand exchange, you first need to know what the people needs and what they are willing to runescape gold pay for. Crafters are the people who usually buy things in the GE, while the next are the combaters. If you know what they need then its easier for you to sell rs items and make runescape gold from it.


[News] Enjoying the Christmas event in Runescape and earn more Rs gold

More prices coming in the Christmas event and more Rs gold you can earn

Starting today, Jagex will start their Christmas holiday event called the 15 Days of Christmas. This event is a Christmas related event in which only last for 15 days only. On this event, members can obtain a festive cracker which will give you random prices. The Festive Cracker can be used by both players in order to open it. Once opened, both players will gain 1000 bonus XP on random skills and at the same time, the original owner of the Festive Cracker will gain a random prices. One of them is the rare Black Santa Hat. This is a rare hate which is also tradable and can be sold in the Grand Exchange for RS gold.

Players who are still not a member can use their RS gold to buy Bonds from Grand Exchange. The Bonds can be used to become a member. You should check out the limited offer membership deals that have tons of benefits and bonuses.

[News] Get more rewards and RS gold by joining in the brand new World event

Join faction, fight the others, obtain more rewards and Rs gold

After the first world event “Battle of Lumbridge”, Jagex released a second one called “The Bird and the Beast”. This event introduces the gods; Armadyl and Bandos. These gods fight over the weapons of mass destruction. In addition to that, players can kill each other in the PVP-safe areas and raid other faction’s caravans. Players may have chance to obtain powerful weapons and armors by contributing themselves in their respective faction and gain more RS gold by selling the rewards in the Grand Exchange.

Each player will obtain Renown when the players contribute to their factions. While Members can gain 30,000 Renown daily, FREE players only obtain 14,000 each day. If you have an excess RS gold, be sure to become a Member by buying the Bonds in the Grand exchange. You can redeem the bonds into member subscription.

[News] Share your RS gold to your friends in your party using Coinshare

Making use of Coinshare to share RS gold to your party

Jagex updated the Coinshare option for the use of party. In the new update, the Coinshare has the ability to turn high-value item drops into 120 pieces item shards. These item shards will distribute equally and fairly among all members of the party. It will then send directly into their banks. The item shards can be sold in the Grand Exchange to make Rs gold.

Coinshare can be useful to party if they want to share their RS gold profit of selling high-value items in the Grand Exchange. Jagex also updated their list of items that are affected by coinshare.

Other than Coinshare, there is also Lootshare. The Lootshare has an ability to distribute the low-value item drops to the members of the party equally. Even though they are low-value items, you can still earn a decent amount of Rs gold when sold in the Grand Exchange.

[News] Doubling the donation and twice the help given for charities; donate more RS gold

Double the amount will be donated for the charity, twice the reason to donate RS gold

Before the end of November, Jagex double the amount will be donated for the charity. That’s twice the good reason for Runescape players to donate their RS gold in order to help and support the charities. Jagex will donate $2.00 for the charity for every ten million RS gold donated by players. Due to this, now is the right time to donate your RS gold.

The Well of Goodwill is having a good response from the Runescape communities and due to this, Jagex already donated $60,000 for charity which is a total from 330 billion RS gold and 6000 Bonds from Runescape players.

Do remember that you can donate to the Well of Goodwill with Rs gold, in-game items and Bonds. The Bonds can be bought from Grand Exchange or in the Runescape official website.